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001. Birthstones

What is Birthstone Jewellery?

Birthstone jewellery is not merely an accessory; it's a journey through time, culture, and self-discovery. But what exactly is it? Let's explore this celestial world where every gem tells a tale.

The Essence of Birthstones: An Overview

  • Cosmic Connections: Birthstones are gemstones that correspond to specific months of the year. Every stone has a celestial story, linked to the zodiac or the season of one's birth.
  • Beyond the Sparkle: These aren't just gems. They're symbols, each carrying its unique meaning, significance, and lore.

Historical Reverence: Birthstones Through the Ages

  • Ancient Chronicles: The origin of birthstones traces back to biblical times, inspired by the breastplate of Aaron which showcased 12 distinct gemstones.
  • Global Admiration: From India's age-old scriptures to medieval Europe's mystical tales, birthstones have been revered across cultures and epochs.

The Magic Within: Properties of Birthstones

  • Healing Powers: Many believe that wearing one's birthstone can bring therapeutic benefits, from calming the mind to boosting physical vitality.
  • Good Fortune's Charm: Throughout history, these stones have been considered talismans, bringing luck, love, and protection to the wearer.

Why They Resonate: Personal Significance of Birthstones

  • A Mirror to the Soul: Your birthstone is a reflection of your intrinsic nature, strengths, and passions.
  • Moments Cast in Stone: Celebrate milestones, from birthdays to anniversaries, by donning jewelry that’s intrinsically connected to you.

Crafting Legends: D&X London’s Touch

  • Masterful Artistry: Each piece at D&X London is designed with precision, ensuring that the birthstone's allure is magnified in its setting.
  • Quality and Authenticity: We take pride in sourcing the finest, genuine birthstones, presenting them in designs that speak volumes of elegance and significance.


What Do Individual Birthstones Symbolize?

Each birthstone is steeped in its own unique lore and symbolism, providing a personal touch to your jewelry. For instance, April's diamond

is often associated with everlasting love and strength, while August's peridot

symbolizes power and influence.

D&X London’s Birthstone Jewellery Collection embraces these tales, crafting each piece to be a tangible whisper of these age-old stories, symbolisms, and personal milestones.


What Makes Birthstone Jewellery a Unique Choice?

Envelop yourself in the rich lore and personal resonance of Birthstone Jewellery, where each piece is more than mere adornment but a deeply personal emblem of moments, memories, and milestones.

The stones, each representative of a specific month, carry with them centuries of history, myth, and symbolic meaning. Choosing a piece from D&X London means intertwining your narrative with this storied history, creating a wearable memoir that is both timeless and infinitely personal.


How to Determine the Right Birthstone for Me?

Dive into our detailed guide that intricately explores the history, significance, and symbolism of each birthstone, ensuring your selection is deeply personal and resonant.

From the protective amethyst of February

to July’s vibrant and commanding ruby,

each stone whispers its own unique tale. Whether choosing based on birth month, symbolic meaning, or sheer aesthetic allure, let D&X London guide you through this intimate selection process, ensuring your piece is as unique as your story.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Birthstone Jewellery with D&X London

Step into D&X London's realm, where each piece of jewellery transcends mere aesthetics to become a symbol of identity, history, and deep-seated emotion. Our Birthstone Jewellery collection embodies this spirit. Still deliberating about diving into the world of birthstones? Here are five compelling reasons:

  1. A Personal Touch to Elegance
  • Unique to You: Birthstones are tied to specific months of the year. Wearing jewellery that features your birthstone is akin to wearing a piece that's distinctly yours.
  • Narrative Charm: Your birthstone tells a story – of the month you were born, the cosmic dance that celebrated you, and the unique journey you began from that instant.


  1. Imbued with Ancient Symbolism
  • A Glimpse into the Past: Birthstones have been cherished across centuries for their mystical properties and associations. Adorning yourself with birthstone jewellery is like wearing a piece of history and ancient lore.
  • Rich Traditions: From diverse cultures, each stone carries tales of luck, protection, and magic.


  1. Therapeutic Energies
  • Natural Healers: Many believe in the therapeutic powers of gemstones. Be it the serene embrace of an aquamarine or the passionate spark of a ruby, each stone offers a unique energy.
  • Align with Your Aura: Donning your birthstone is like tuning into the universe's frequency, imbibing energies that resonate with your being.


  1. Versatile Fashion Statement
  • Timelessly Trendy: Birthstones, with their ethereal beauty, remain evergreen in the fashion world. They effortlessly fit within modern or vintage settings, making them always en vogue.
  • Perfect for Every Occasion: Their versatility means they complement any attire, elevating daily outfits and shining at special occasions alike.


  1. The D&X London Assurance
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship: Every piece of our birthstone jewellery is crafted with an artisan's touch, ensuring unparalleled beauty and quality.
  • Authenticity Guaranteed: We pride ourselves on sourcing genuine, top-tier birthstones. Your piece will be both authentically enchanting and exquisitely fashioned.


Crafting Multi-Birthstone Pieces: A Mosaic of Memories and Moments

With D&X London, explore a universe where various birthstones converge to narrate a richer, multifaceted story. Our multi-birthstone pieces are carefully crafted, ensuring that each stone, each memory, coexists harmoniously within a singular creation.

Whether commemorating family, friendships, or pivotal life moments, these pieces weave multiple stories into one elegant narrative, becoming a tangible tapestry of memories, milestones, and cherished individuals, forever immortalized within our exquisite designs.


Your Story, Our Craft: A Symbiotic Celebration of Moments with D&X London

Every piece from D&X London is a celebration, an eternal echo of your stories and our craftsmanship. Our Birthstone Jewellery is not simply an accessory; it's a symbiotic relationship, where your narratives find physical form through our meticulous design and craftsmanship.

 Your stories inspire our creations, and in turn, our pieces become silent witnesses to your life’s journey, celebrations, and milestones, crafting a continuous narrative that’s intimately personal and universally beautiful.


A Testament to Time: Celebrating Heritage and Craftsmanship with D&X London

Step into a world where every piece is a testament to heritage, craftsmanship, and personal stories with D&X London. We believe in honoring the rich history and lore of birthstones, integrating these timeless narratives with our skilled craftsmanship and contemporary designs.

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001. Birthstones
May Emerald Birthstone Necklace & Earring Set In Gold - D&X Retail
Detailed view of May Emerald Birthstone Necklace & Earring Set In Gold
April Diamond Birthstone Necklace & Earring Set In Gold - D&X Retail
Close up view of April Diamond Birthstone Necklace & Earring Set In Gold
March Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace & Earring Set In Gold - D&X Retail
Detailed view of March Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace & Earring Set In Gold
May Emerald Birthstone Clasp Bracelet In Gold Cubic Zirconia - D&X Retail
Detailed view of May Emerald Birthstone Clasp Bracelet In Gold Cubic Zirconia

002. Mixed Metal Jewellery

The Symphony of Metals: Orchestrating Elegance with D&X London

Crafting jewellery that narrates a story, D&X London seamlessly blends disparate metals, creating an enchanting symphony of elegance and style. Each carefully chosen material, from the lustrous allure of gold to the subdued grace of silver, plays a pivotal role in composing pieces that are melodious in their aesthetic and design.

It’s an orchestrated journey of metals, where each note, each shimmer, and each texture sings harmoniously, crafting not just jewellery, but a timeless melody of elegance.


A Palette of Textures: Weaving Distinct Tapestries in Every Design

Embark on a visual journey through the tapestries of our mixed metal creations, where every curve, detail, and hue is a brushstroke in a meticulously crafted masterpiece.

Our designs do not merely rest upon the visible spectrum but delve deeper into the tactile world, offering a sensory exploration of varied textures and forms. D&X London guides you through a rich, tactile experience where each piece is a woven palette of textures, inviting you to not just see, but feel the opulence.


Gleaming Narratives: Transcending Stories through Metal and Craft

Every piece of jewellery at D&X London tells a story, an unspoken word, a silent whisper that resonates with your own narratives and moments. Our Mixed Metals collection is meticulously crafted to embody tales of love, triumph, celebration, and even the subtle, everyday moments that quietly weave into the fabric of our lives.

Each piece becomes a storyteller, a gleaming narrative that transcends mere adornment, evolving into a silent bearer of memories, moments, and milestones.


Elegance Reimagined: Defining Modern Sophistication in Every Creation

Within the refined contours and lustrous melding of our mixed metal designs lies a reinvention of elegance, a modern rendition of sophistication that is boundlessly expressive and innately personal.

D&X London perpetuates a reinterpretation of what it means to be elegant, integrating classic principles with contemporary nuances, allowing each piece to emerge not just as a symbol of luxury but as an embodiment of modern, effortless sophistication that is authentically you.


Encapsulated Eternity: Where Timeless Beauty and Innovation Converge

In the sanctum of D&X London’s creations, timeless beauty and innovation coalesce to forge pieces that are perpetually enchanting. Our Mixed Metals collection encapsulates a sense of eternity, where the old-world charm of varied metals intertwines with innovative designs and crafting techniques.

Each piece becomes a sanctuary where past, present, and future converge, offering a timeless escape into the eternal allure of mixed metals, carefully preserved within the heart of every creation.


Why Do Mixed Metals Captivate Our Senses?

In the realm of jewellery design, the enthralling allure of mixed metals has been celebrated for centuries. The amalgamation of different metals not only exudes a distinctive aesthetic appeal but also unveils a myriad of possibilities in crafting unique and timeless pieces.

The interplay of colors, textures, and finishes create a symphony of style that speaks to diverse personal tastes and stories. At D&X London, we seamlessly blend various metals to create pieces that are both contemporary and classic, encapsulating the spirited charm that mixed metals bring to our collections.


Where Did the Trend of Mixing Metals Originate?

The history of utilizing mixed metals in jewellery traces back to ancient civilizations, where artisans would skillfully combine various metallic elements to create pieces symbolizing power, love, and prosperity.

In ancient Egypt, the intertwining of gold and silver was not merely an artistic choice but also a representation of unity and eternity. The revival of mixed metal jewellery in modern times speaks to a liberated expression of style, one that D&X London enthusiastically embraces and redefines in each collection.


How Does D&X London Innovate with Mixed Metals?

Embracing the evocative power of mixed metals, D&X London crafts jewellery that is both enchanting and boldly expressive. Our artisans, with a keen eye for detail and an innovative spirit, blend metals like gold, silver, bronze, and rose gold, exploring different forms, textures, and designs.

Every piece in our Mixed Metals collection is a testament to our commitment to delivering unique, quality jewellery, echoing the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.


What Makes Our Mixed Metals Collection Uniquely D&X London?

Our Mixed Metals collection converges tradition and innovation, culminating in pieces that are undeniably D&X London. Whether it’s a carefully crafted necklace, an intricately designed bracelet, or a pair of statement earrings, each item is a narrative of our journey and your style.

We create not just jewellery, but pieces that entwine your stories, moments, and milestones, with the timeless beauty and eclectic charm of mixed metals.


How Can You Style Our Mixed Metals Jewellery?

The versatile nature of mixed metals allows for a boundless exploration of style and creativity. Whether you're adorning a classic silver necklace with a contemporary rose gold bracelet or layering rings of varied metallic tones, the Mixed Metals collection at D&X London ensures that each piece complements one another, giving you the freedom to express your unique style.

Explore our style guide for curated looks, styling tips, and inspirations on how to effortlessly blend our mixed metals jewelry into your everyday aesthetic.


Is Mixed Metal Jewellery Durable and Long-Lasting?

Navigating the intricate world of mixed metal jewellery, one cannot help but marvel at the resilience and durability that these stunning pieces exhibit.

At D&X London, our mixed metal pieces are crafted with meticulous precision, ensuring not just aesthetic appeal but also remarkable durability. The union of different metals provides a sturdy and robust structure, ensuring each piece withstands the test of time and becomes a longstanding companion in your jewellery collection.


How to Care for and Maintain Mixed Metal Jewellery?

Taking care of your mixed metal jewellery ensures its lasting beauty and brilliance. Considering the amalgamation of metals, it is essential to gently clean the pieces with a soft, lint-free cloth.

For a deeper clean, use mild soapy water, ensuring to dry the jewellery thoroughly afterward. Store your D&X London mixed metal jewellery separately in soft pouches to prevent scratching and tangling, allowing each piece to maintain its captivating allure for years to come.


Can Mixed Metal Jewellery be Worn on Sensitive Skin?

D&X London takes immense pride in crafting pieces that are not only visually stunning but also comfortable and safe to wear. Our mixed metal jewellery is meticulously designed to be skin-friendly, but it's essential to note that sensitivities can vary from person to person.

We strive to provide detailed information about the metals used in each piece, allowing you to make informed choices that align with your skin's needs and preferences.


Is Mixed Metal Jewellery Suitable for All Occasions?

The universal appeal of mixed metal jewellery lies in its unparalleled versatility. Our collections are thoughtfully designed to elegantly traverse various occasions and settings.

Whether you're attending a formal event, a casual gathering, or seeking daily wear jewellery, our mixed metals collection will seamlessly blend into your desired look, providing a sophisticated and modern edge to your ensemble.


What Inspires the Designs in D&X London's Mixed Metals Collection?

The Mixed Metals collection at D&X London draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of history, contemporary fashion trends, and the boundless beauty found in the natural and urban world.

Each piece tells a unique story, from historical echoes to modern-day musings, ensuring that our jewellery is not just an accessory but a meaningful connection between the past, present, and future.

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002. Mixed Metal Jewellery
Geo Silver and Gold T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet - D&X Retail
Model wearing Geo Silver and Gold T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet

Geo T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet In Silver & Gold-Tone

$33.00 USD
1 color
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Keira Silver Mixed Heart Duo Earrings - D&X Retail

Keira Mixed Heart Duo Earrings In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Zaha Abstract Mixed Metal Lever Earrings in Gold - D&X Retail
Model wearing Zaha Abstract Mixed Metal Lever Earrings in Gold
Keira Gold Mixed Heart Duo Earrings - D&X Retail

Keira Mixed Heart Duo Earrings In Gold & Silver-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated

003. Jewellery for Teenagers

Youthful energy, timeless elegance: D&X London's signature look

In an ever-changing world, D&X London understands that fashion is fleeting, but style is eternal. Our teen jewellery collections combine the boisterous energy of youth with the timeless elegance of classic design.

The result is a look that is both fresh and everlasting - perfect for young people who want to find their way while leaving a lasting impact.

Handmade dreams: from sketch to shining jewel

Every piece of D&X London jewellery starts as a dream, becomes a sketch and finally a reality.

Our talented designers bring their visions to life with precision and passion, so that each handmade piece lives up to the dreams and hopes of those who wear it.

From the heart of the city to the world: D&X London's global footprint

From the vibrant streets of London, we have created a jewellery brand that resonates around the world.

Our designs, inspired by the urban landscape and people's stories, have enabled us to build bridges between cultures and generations, making D&X London a global symbol of elegance and expression.

Metropolitan flair meets craftsmanship: the magic behind D&X London's creations

There is a wealth of inspiration to be found in the narrow streets and vibrant boulevards of London. Every nook, every street, every little detail of the city plays a part in the creation of our collections.

At D&X London, we have made it our mission to immortalise the essence of the British capital in our jewellery. This fusion of urban life and meticulous craftsmanship results in designs that are both contemporary and timeless. Each piece of jewellery is a piece of London that you can take with you wherever you go.

The art of being in love with detail: subtleties that count

True mastery in jewellery design is revealed in the subtle nuances and seemingly invisible details. At D&X London, we pay special attention to every aspect of our jewellery. From the initial design to the finishing touches, no detail is too small to be overlooked.

Our designers and craftsmen work hand in hand to ensure that each piece of jewellery embodies perfection in its purest form. It is this relentless passion for detail that has made D&X London synonymous with elegance and excellence.

What makes the perfect "jewellery for teenagers"?

At an age when everyone is looking for a way to express themselves, jewellery often becomes a mouthpiece.

"Jewellery for teenagers" is far more than just an accessory - it is a reflection of the dynamism, energy and uniqueness of youth.

Each piece tells a story, be it of adventures, dreams or first loves.


How did the trend of "jewellery for teenagers" develop?

For centuries, jewellery has served people as a means of self-expression. But while in earlier times it was mainly adults who enjoyed this luxury, the tide has turned over the decades.

With the emergence of new cultural movements in the 20th century, jewellery increasingly became a trademark of youth. Pop culture, music and fashion influenced the designs and thus a very own, lively style emerged that is known today as "jewellery for teenagers".

What fascinates teenagers today about jewellery?

During these formative years, teenagers are looking for ways to anchor themselves in the world and solidify their identity. Jewellery gives them the opportunity to express themselves without using words.

It is the perfect medium to show individuality, feel a sense of belonging to a group or simply celebrate their own style. Each piece of jewellery becomes a loyal companion that holds memories, secrets and hopes.

What does D&X London have in store for young jewellery lovers?

At D&X London, we know how important these years are. That's why we've made it our mission to create jewellery that captures the versatility and passion of youth.

Our collection offers a mix of timeless classics and modern designs, so there's something for everyone. And because we know how turbulent teenage life can be, we focus on quality that delivers.

Which materials are best suited for teen jewellery?

Teenage jewellery should be just as dynamic and robust as life at this age. High-quality stainless steel, sterling silver and gold-plated jewellery are popular with teenagers.

These materials are not only durable, but also skin-friendly and less likely to cause allergic reactions.

How do you care for jewellery to keep it beautiful for a long time?

It is important to clean the jewellery with a soft cloth after each wear to remove oil and dirt. It is advisable to store jewellery in a jewellery box or bag to protect it from scratches.

Avoid wearing jewellery while showering or swimming and keep it away from chemicals such as perfumes or hairsprays.

Is personalised jewellery suitable for teenagers?

Absolutely! Personalised jewellery, whether through engraving or special designs, is a wonderful gift and a special way to honour special moments or people.

At D&X London, we offer a range of personalisable pieces that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

How do I choose the right piece of jewellery for a teenager?

It all depends on the teenager's individual style and preferences. Some prefer understated pieces, while others opt for eye-catching designs.

Look out for clues in their current jewellery collection or ask them about their favourite styles. A tip: Stackable rings, multi-row bracelets and versatile pendants are particularly trendy at the moment.

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003. Jewellery for Teenagers
Geo Silver and Gold T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet - D&X Retail
Model wearing Geo Silver and Gold T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet

Geo T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet In Silver & Gold-Tone

$33.00 USD
1 color
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Keira Silver Mixed Heart Duo Earrings - D&X Retail

Keira Mixed Heart Duo Earrings In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Zaha Abstract Mixed Metal Lever Earrings in Gold - D&X Retail
Model wearing Zaha Abstract Mixed Metal Lever Earrings in Gold
Keira Gold Mixed Heart Duo Earrings - D&X Retail

Keira Mixed Heart Duo Earrings In Gold & Silver-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated

004. Minimalistic Jewellery

Intertwined paths: the genesis of fine design at D&X London.

At the heart of D&X London, the threads of creativity and artistry pulse in synchronised time, weaving a web of exquisite jewellery. Our master craftsmen find an endless source of inspiration in the gentle lines of minimalism.

It is a quiet, yet immeasurably deep world where the marks of craftsmanship are embedded in every millimetre of the pure, clear beauty that defines our collections.

Mirror of the Soul: How Minimalism Captures Your Inner Self

Every piece of D&X London jewellery echoes the many souls it has touched - from the designer to the wearer. When you choose our jewellery, you are choosing more than an accessory, you are choosing a mirror that reflects your inner world with subtle clarity.

It is our belief that true elegance springs from the depth of the self, and our minimalist designs serve to highlight this essence with enchanting humility.

Between light and shadow: The secret of minimalism at D&X London

In the ateliers of D&X London, jewellery is not simply created - stories are written. Stories told in the subtle balance between light and shadow, where the shimmering glitter of metals and gemstones meets the softness of minimalism.

Our designers see themselves as curators of the light that is gently reflected from our creations, with each piece sending a message of both elegance and strength.

The sophistication of our jewellery reflects a journey from initial sketch to final polish, where every detail is treated with the utmost care and dedication.

Noble Simplicity: Why Less is Always More at D&X London

There is a strength in the calmness of our simple designs that forms the fundamental pillars of D&X London. By deliberately focusing on the essentials, we create space for a kind of beauty that expresses itself quietly but firmly.

Each of our pieces is a breath of fresh air - a gentle reminder that true beauty doesn't have to be loud or pretentious to be noticed.

In the whisper of time: D&X London's connection Between the past and the present

With one hand firmly in the rich history of jewellery craftsmanship and the other delicately pointing towards the future, D&X London creates a bridge between ages.

Our pieces are both reverence to the time-tested techniques of the past and an enthusiastic embrace of progressive design concepts.

In this whisper-quiet dialogue between times, the result is jewellery that is both timeless and contemporary.

What does "minimalist jewellery" mean?

Minimalist jewellery, as the name suggests, is characterised by simple design and subtle elegance. It reduces design and material to the essentials and relies on simple shapes, clean lines and often monochrome colours.

Yet despite its simplicity, minimalist jewellery has the ability to make a strong statement and complement a wearer's outfit.

What trends define minimalist jewellery?

In the modern age, the jewellery trend is increasingly characterised by a return to the essentials. Minimalist jewellery is trendy because it is versatile, timeless and often suitable for everyday use.

Current trends include fine necklaces, simple rings, unobtrusive earrings and slender bangles. The subtle presence of these pieces means that jewellery can be combined with a variety of outfits while offering a touch of elegance and sophistication.

How has the history of jewellery intertwined with minimalism?

Jewellery has gone through many stages of development throughout history. From the opulent and detailed designs of the Baroque and Renaissance periods to the geometric shapes of Art Deco.

Minimalism in jewellery began to emerge strongly in the 20th century, especially in the 60s and 70s. The trend continued as people began to see the beauty in simplicity and the value of pieces that are both understated and striking.

Why is D&X London the right choice for minimalist jewellery?

D&X London stands for quality, elegance and timeless design. Our range of minimalist jewellery reflects our passion for simple beauty.

Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure it remains relevant not only today, but for years to come. Be enchanted by our collection and discover the charm of minimalism with D&X London.

Why does D&X London stand out in minimalist jewellery design?

D&X London navigates nimbly through the wonderful interplay between a sense of tradition and a spirit of innovation. Every piece of jewellery that leaves our house represents not just an idea, but an entire philosophy: an ode to simplicity and a tribute to master craftsmanship.

Our designers are constantly searching for ways to redefine the boundaries of minimalism without losing its essence of subtle simplicity and discretion.

This results in collections that are deeply rooted in tradition on the one hand, and fresh and modern on the other, ready to meet the challenges of contemporary aesthetics.

How does the successful interaction of different minimalist jewelry pieces succeed?

When wearing minimalist jewelry, the targeted combination of individual elements unfolds an unexpected effect. The point is to combine carefully selected pieces so that they harmonize with each other and at the same time create a subtle tension.

A delicate ring that stands out for its simplicity alone can be complemented by a discreet, finely crafted bracelet.

Layering plays a crucial role here: combine different necklaces of varying lengths, or place several delicate rings on one finger to make a statement that is both understated and captivating.

How does sustainability become an integral part of D&X London's creations?

For us at D&X London, sustainability is more than a concept - it's a principle that runs through every facet of our work. Our choice of materials is made with the utmost care, always with an eye on their origins and the practices behind their extraction and processing.

Sustainability and quality go hand in hand: we create pieces that not only pass the aesthetic test, but also the test of time. By producing sturdy, long-lasting jewelry, we help break the cycle of consumption and disposal and offer alternatives that will last for generations.

How can minimalist jewelry be showcased at special occasions?

Minimalist jewelry from D&X London brings an unspoken elegance to any event and, while discreet, can play a starring role at special occasions. The strength of our pieces often lies in their ability to speak without many words - they shine in their modesty and add an understated, yet profound elegance to any outfit.

You'll find that although the jewelry is subtle, the looks it draws are anything but. Through deliberate combinations and play with textures and shapes, your D&X London jewelry will bring the silence to the room that is often worth a thousand words.

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004. Minimalistic Jewellery
Sweetheart Gold T-Bar Multi-Row Heart Bracelet - D&X Retail
Sweetheart Double Heart Pendant Bead Necklace In Gold - D&X Retail
Model wearing Sweetheart Double Heart Pendant Bead Necklace In Gold
Sweetheart 2 Hearts Pendant Necklace In Gold - D&X Retail
Model wearing Sweetheart 2 Hearts Pendant Necklace In Gold
Sweetheart Gold Beaded Heart Pendant Bracelet - D&X Retail

005. Wedding Jewellery for Brides

Wedding jewellery for the bride: jewellery for the most beautiful day in your life

For many brides, the wedding is the most important and also the most beautiful day in their lives. In order to have a perfect memory in the form of photos, a lot of effort is put into the outfit. And what belongs to a beautiful wedding dress just like the shoes?

High-quality wedding jewellery for the bride! Discover the diverse world of D&X London and find special pieces of jewellery that will make the special day just that little bit more beautiful.

Your big day, our jewellery: Wedding jewellery for the bride by D&X London

Every piece of jewellery from D&X London is exceptional. Loving creations meet outstanding craftsmanship. Our wedding jewellery for brides not only impresses with its appearance - it also has a symbolic meaning.

As individual as each bride is, so individual is the bridal jewellery. It harmonises perfectly with the outfit and completes the wedding look.

What jewellery to wear with the wedding dress?

For wedding jewellery to be a real eye-catcher, it has to match the bride's personal style. That's why there are many different variations from D&X London, so that there is something for every taste.

Perfectly coordinated jewellery sets are particularly trendy. However, brides can also put together their own wedding jewellery. From bracelets to earrings, necklaces or brooches to hair accessories - many pieces can be worn as wedding jewellery!

A journey from raw metal to perfect bridal jewellery

Every piece of jewellery begins once as unprocessed metal. With precise craftsmanship and dedication as well as passion, only the finished wedding jewellery is created.

At D&X London, you get handcrafted jewellery that is carefully crafted by artisans with years of experience. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but they are also the perfect symbol of the love that is at stake on the most important day of your life.

D&X London - each piece is a feast for the eyes

Every piece of wedding jewellery from D&X London aims to enchant others with their elegance. Our jewellery pieces go through meticulous planning and implementation by experienced artisans who have a sense of aesthetics and detail.

To ensure that the wedding jewellery for the bride also meets our quality standards, it goes through a strict quality assurance process. Step by step, jewellery is created that is exceptional in every respect.

What makes high quality bridal jewellery?

At D&X London, each piece of jewellery is not only a beautiful accessory, but has a strong symbolic character. The wedding jewellery will remind her of the important day for a long time to come. Every time you take it out of the drawer, you hold a piece of very personal memory in your hands.

High-quality bridal jewellery is characterised by the fact that it not only looks beautiful on the day of the wedding and complements the outfit perfectly. It is still in the same condition many years later and keeps the memory of a time together alive.

What materials are used in D&X London wedding jewellery for brides?

The highest quality is what we demand of ourselves. At D&X London, unique design and precise workmanship go hand in hand. Only premium materials are used for this purpose. Especially gold and sterling silver for wedding jewellery is popular with many brides.

As we place great emphasis on using only high-quality materials, you can look forward to a convincing look, a long life and maximum comfort. Because our wedding jewellery is also suitable for sensitive skin!

The right wedding jewellery for every bride

Every bride has her very own idea of her big day. From the ceremony to the wedding dress and of course the wedding jewellery, everything has to fit. That's why we give you the choice.

Discover different designs and decide on the piece of jewellery that best reflects your personality. Whether romantic and playful, timelessly modern or classically elegant - we at D&X London have the right wedding jewellery for every bride.

Why is wedding jewellery from D&X London so special?

We know how important high-quality wedding jewellery is to brides. That's why we make it a point not to let anything cloud the perfect moment. We tell stories with our jewellery. Every cut and every placement is quite deliberate.

After all, we want to get the best out of the raw material so that you don't have to settle for something ordinary on your big day.

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005. Wedding Jewellery for Brides

006. Jewellery for 18th Birthday

18th Birthday Jewellery - Find the perfect gift at D&X!

The 18th birthday is something very special. On this day, you don't just turn a year older. You reach the age of adulthood and the whole world seems to be open to you.

For this reason, the 18th birthday is probably the most important birthday in a person's life - and it has to be celebrated properly. With 18th birthday jewellery, you can create a memory that people will look back on fondly.

The perfect 18th birthday gift: jewellery from D&X

When you give jewellery for an 18th birthday, you are not just giving an accessory. Rather, it is a symbol. It stands for all that the young person can still achieve in his or her life and for a wide range of options.

Whenever the person receives their 18th birthday jewellery, the memory of this important day and all the goals they set for themselves on this occasion come back to life.

What kind of jewellery do you gift for an 18th birthday?

It is mainly family members and good friends who give jewellery as 18th birthday gifts. High-quality pieces from D&X London are the best choice, as the recipient can enjoy them for a long time. Birthstone jewellery is a particularly popular gift.

This makes the recipient particularly happy. But other jewellery sets, necklaces, rings or bracelets are also a loving gesture full of symbolism. It is important that the 18th birthday jewellery pleases the person receiving it. Everyone has their own individual style that reflects their personality in some way. Therefore, 18th birthday jewellery is usually given by people who know the birthday boy or girl well.

The path to 18th birthday jewellery - how does D&X make its creations?

To ensure that everyone who receives jewellery for their 18th birthday is completely satisfied, we at D&X place great value on quality. That is why our best and most experienced craftsmen work on the jewellery. They know exactly what is important for high-quality gifts such as jewellery for the 18th birthday.

With the highest precision and care, they create pieces that are convincing in terms of appearance, quality and durability. Handmade jewellery is guaranteed to make a great 18th birthday gift.

Jewellery for an 18th birthday is something special!

Everyone has different requirements - this is also important when it comes to 18th birthday jewellery as a gift. Choose a piece of jewellery that matches the style of the person you are giving it to. That way, she can wear it with full conviction and pride.

D&X offers true classics, but also playful and unusual designs. Our range is also regularly expanded with fresh ideas, so that the abundance of possibilities is constantly growing. To ensure that every piece of D&X jewellery is exactly as we imagine it, it goes through a rigorous process of quality assurance. Give the gift of joy!

What materials does D&X use to make jewellery that can be given as an 18th birthday gift?

For us at D&X London, high quality comes first. That's why we only use selected materials for our creations. Premium materials such as sterling silver or gold have the advantage of being durable and robust.

They are also well tolerated, so there are no nasty surprises like skin irritations when you wear them. Of course, it is also the look that benefits from high quality.

18th birthday jewellery - find the perfect birthday gift!

The 18th birthday is an important day that many people celebrate. If you want to give 18th birthday jewellery, D&X London is the place to go. Not only the durability of our products is a decisive argument. We also focus on symbolic designs and materials so that you will find just the right thing for the person you are giving the gift to.

Be it jewellery with birthstones or other jewellery - at D&X there is something for every style!

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006. Jewellery for 18th Birthday
Geo Silver and Gold T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet - D&X Retail
Model wearing Geo Silver and Gold T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet

Geo T-Bar Contemporary Bracelet In Silver & Gold-Tone

$33.00 USD
1 color
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Zaha Abstract Mixed Metal Lever Earrings in Gold - D&X Retail
Model wearing Zaha Abstract Mixed Metal Lever Earrings in Gold
Emily Heart and Star Hook Earrings In Silver - D&X Retail
Model wearing Emily Heart and Star Hook Earrings In Silver

Emily Heart and Star Hook Earrings In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Keira Silver Mixed Heart Duo Necklace - D&X Retail

Keira Mixed Heart Duo Necklace In Silver & Gold-Tone

$26.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium Plated & Gold-Tone Plated

007. Evening Jewellery for Evening Dress

Evening jewellery to go with your evening dress for unforgettable moments

Unforgettable moments do not create themselves. Rather, they are an interplay of many small details. One such detail is high-quality evening jewellery that perfectly matches the evening dress and complements it stylishly.

Discover the diverse range from D&X London with jewellery pieces that know how to convince in terms of quality and appearance. Create extraordinary moments with an extraordinary look.

Which evening jewellery goes with an evening dress?

The evening jewellery that harmonises perfectly with your evening dress is the right jewellery. As individual as every person is, there are also great differences in taste and style. Evening jewellery should always meet the personal requirements of the wearer. Only then can it harmoniously complement the evening dress look.

Some people go for jewellery sets because all the pieces are perfectly coordinated. Others prefer to put their look together themselves, which is just as possible at D&X London. If you opt for evening jewellery consisting of a necklace, a bracelet and matching earrings, you won't go wrong. But brooches and hair accessories are also becoming increasingly popular and can complete your evening dress look.

The perfect appearance thanks to elegant evening jewellery by D&X London

If you are looking for the right evening jewellery to go with your evening dress, you have different expectations of the piece. First of all, it is the look that is in the foreground. But the quality is also important. Depending on the occasion, the evening jewellery may also need to have a symbolic meaning. With D&X London, you create extraordinary moments and ensure the perfect appearance in evening dress. Every time you hold your jewellery in your hands, you think back to beautiful moments. This way, the memory of special occasions will always be kept alive.

From raw metal to elegant evening jewellery: the workmanship of D&X London

The journey of any piece of jewellery begins with unworked, raw metal. It is through true skill and a sense of aesthetics that high quality evening jewellery is created that is a sight to behold. Our artisans have many years of experience and create stunning products with precision and care. We are constantly working to expand our range with fresh looks, so you can always discover something new with us.

What materials is D&X London evening jewellery made of?

In order to be able to meet high quality standards, D&X London only uses high-quality materials. Whether it is selected gold or sterling silver - through a careful creation process, our artisans create extraordinary pieces of jewellery that are suitable for every occasion and have a high durability. After the careful manufacturing process, the jewellery goes through rigorous inspections. We have high standards for ourselves, which is why we have implemented an extensive quality assurance process. 

The right evening jewellery for every occasion

There are many occasions for which you can wear an evening dress and matching evening jewellery. Dances, opera balls, weddings and award ceremonies all require a certain look. With evening dress and the matching jewellery, you are perfectly dressed for these occasions. Depending on where your demands and preferences lie - D&X London is guaranteed to have the right jewellery ready. From pure elegance to classic minimalism, find the evening jewellery that is ideal for you. Did you know that your style says a lot about your personality? That's why you shouldn't wear just any jewellery, but choose the evening jewellery that skilfully underlines your personality.

Why is evening jewellery from D&X London so unique?

Our mission is to create extraordinary moments and provide you with the jewellery to match your individual look. D&X London evening jewellery is not only aesthetic, but also tells a story. Every move during the manufacturing process is done deliberately to create the exact piece of jewellery that we have in mind and that can make you happy. In addition to high quality and exceptional aesthetics, evening jewellery from D&X London also contributes to your comfort. Our jewellery is well tolerated and is also suitable for sensitive skin. After all, you should be able to feel good all around in your look!

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007.  Evening Jewellery for Evening Dress
Iris Multi-Coloured Crystal Short Necklace - D&X Retail
Multi-coloured Gemstone Drawstring Bracelet - D&X Retail
Model wearing Multi-coloured Gemstone Drawstring Bracelet

008. Valentine's Day Jewellery for Women

Valentine's Day jewellery for women for the most romantic day of the year

Valentine's Day is probably the most romantic day of the year. Lovers present each other with gifts or spend beautiful moments together. Whether it's a trip to the park or a romantic dinner - many women attach great importance to an aesthetic appearance on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day jewellery from D&X not only completes any look, but also makes a romantic gift for the one you love!

Romantic moments with the right Valentine's Day jewellery for women

To make sure your next Valentine's Day is absolutely romantic, we at D&X London set high standards for our work. We combine loving designs with precise craftsmanship.

Carefully crafted Valentine's Day jewellery for women is not only aesthetically pleasing. It is also of high quality, fits perfectly with individual style and creates beautiful memories.

Which Valentine's Day jewellery is suitable for women?

What does Valentine's Day stand for if not romance? Therefore, Valentine's Day jewellery for women must not only look beautiful, but also have a certain symbolic power. Especially when it is presented as a gift, you should consider various factors when choosing.

One's own style reflects one's personality. Thus, jewellery as a gift should also suit the person receiving the gift. From a romantic look to minimalist designs to a modern style, you can get everything your heart desires at D&X London.

What makes high quality Valentine's Day jewellery for women stand out?

High quality Valentine's Day jewellery for women doesn't just look beautiful. In addition to aesthetics, quality should not be neglected. This goes hand in hand with a high degree of robustness. Moreover, you can enjoy carefully crafted pieces of jewellery for longer.

To ensure that Valentine's Day jewellery for women from D&X London can meet all these requirements, it goes through a quality assurance process after production. We ourselves have high standards for our creations. Through quality assurance, every piece you can buy from us meets our expectations.

Step by step to the perfect Valentine's Day jewellery

Every piece of jewellery starts small. In the beginning, there is only unprocessed metal. It is only through the necessary know-how and a high degree of precision that Valentine's Day jewellery for women is created that is worth seeing.

Our craftsmen have many years of experience and take the utmost care. Devotion and passion flow into the production. Because every step is carefully planned and thought through, Valentine's Day jewellery is created that is not only the perfect symbol of love, but also a great reminder of the romantic day spent together.

What material does D&X use for Valentine's Day jewellery for women?

To ensure that Valentine's Day jewellery for women from D&X London is not only aesthetically pleasing but also of high quality, we focus on the high quality of the materials used. Premium metal is used in the production of the handmade jewellery.

Especially sterling silver or gold convince in terms of appearance, quality and durability. You will have something from our Valentine's Day jewellery for women for a particularly long time! In addition, our jewellery pieces are well tolerated. So you can feel good all around in your look!

The right jewellery for women on Valentine's Day

Every woman has a different style - and that's a good thing. All that matters is that Valentine's Day jewellery suits your individual taste. For this reason, the D&X London range is extensive and multifaceted.

It is constantly being expanded with new designs. So there is exactly the right piece of jewellery for every requirement.

What makes Valentine's Day jewellery for women from D&X London special?

We are aware that it is important to many women to wear beautiful jewellery on Valentine's Day or to receive it as a gift. With this in mind, we have developed designs that are perfect for this romantic occasion.

We are constantly working on our performance. This is how we are able to bring out the best in a simple piece of metal. After all, you shouldn't wear just any jewellery on your Valentine's Day date, but feel completely comfortable in your look.

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008. Valentine's Day Jewellery for Women
Keira Silver Mixed Heart Duo Earrings - D&X Retail

Keira Mixed Heart Duo Earrings In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Keira Gold Mixed Heart Duo Earrings - D&X Retail

Keira Mixed Heart Duo Earrings In Gold & Silver-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Emily Heart and Star Hook Earrings In Silver - D&X Retail
Model wearing Emily Heart and Star Hook Earrings In Silver

Emily Heart and Star Hook Earrings In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium-Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Sweetheart Lever Earrings In Silver And Gold - D&X Retail

Sweetheart Lever Earrings In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
3 colors
Rhodium Plated & Gold-Tone Plated

009. 90s Party Jewellery

High-quality jewellery for 90s parties: the perfect 90s vibe with D&X London

The 90s are shaping today's fashion and jewellery world more and more. Many designs are influenced by this striking time and are reminiscent of the trends before the turn of the millennium.

Discover the universe of D&X London and opt for high-quality jewellery suitable for any 90s party.

Party like in the 90s with jewellery from D&X London

90s jewellery wasn't just plastic beads and colourful charms. It was much more than that - and we at D&X London prove it.

Jewellery for 90s parties can be fancy, colourful and elegant at the same time. And watch out: More really is more in this case. It's a way to authentically bring the 90s vibe to life.

What jewellery do you wear to a 90s party?

The 90s were characterised by different styles. What was consistent, however, was colourful designs and eye-catching. Your jewellery for a 90s party should therefore be a real eye-catcher and attract the attention of others. It's all very well to be garish.

However, discreet pieces of jewellery made of fine metal are just as welcome and will skilfully accentuate your outfit. Find the 90s look that suits your personality!

D&X London - unique jewellery for the perfect 90s party

Jewellery for a 90s party is not only appealing and aesthetic and thus a certain element of style. If you've been to parties in the 90s, it's a wonderful reminder of times gone by.

For many people, the styles before the turn of the millennium are considered something absolutely special that should be remembered. With D&X London, you get jewellery that may even awaken sentimental feelings.

What makes good jewellery for 90s parties?

Jewellery for a 90s party must first and foremost be authentic: be it a brooch studded with crystals, eye-catching large star-shaped hoops or 90s-style jewellery sets.

Elastic bracelets were also very trendy in the 199s. Today, however, they may be made of aesthetic and high-quality gemstones and do not have to be made of plastic!

The journey to the finished piece of jewellery at D&X

Thanks to the relevant experience of our artisans, we at D&X London can offer you high-quality jewellery for your next 90s party. Every step in the making of our jewellery is carefully planned in advance. No action is taken without thought.

Afterwards, we carefully check that the finished jewellery meets our strict standards. For this purpose, we have set up in-depth quality assurance processes.

What material does D&X London use to make jewellery for 90s parties?

Precise and careful workmanship is not the only important factor in creating high-quality jewellery for 90s parties. The material is also crucial.

To ensure that we at D&X London can provide you with jewellery that meets your requirements, we only use premium materials such as sterling silver or gold. This means that the jewellery not only looks beautiful, but is also robust, stable and durable.

The right 90s vibe jewellery for every party

Of course, the jewellery you wear to a 90s party should not only match the desired vibe. It is only really authentic if it also fits you individually. Jewellery is something that can reflect your personality. Therefore, take the necessary time to find exactly the jewellery that suits your taste.Only then can you wear 90s jewellery with conviction.

At D&X you will find different styles. Our range is constantly being expanded so that you can buy exactly the jewellery that suits you personally.

What are the special features of 90s look jewellery for parties by D&X London?

Are you looking for authentic jewellery for a 90s party? You'll find it at D&X London. It is very important to us that you are completely satisfied with your jewellery and that you enjoy wearing it.

We want to get the best out of the raw material. Only then are we satisfied with our performance.

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009. 90s Party Jewellery
Silver Emily Heart and Star Elasticated Bracelet - D&X Retail

Emily Heart and Star Elasticated Bracelet In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Emily Mixed Metal Beaded Heart Bracelet - D&X Retail

Emily Mixed Metal Beaded Heart Bracelet In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
3 colors
Rhodium Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Gold and Silver Emily Heart and Star Elasticated Bracelet - D&X Retail
Model wearing Gold and Silver Emily Heart and Star Elasticated Bracelet

Emily Heart and Star Elasticated Bracelet In Gold & Silver-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Gold-Tone Plated & Rhodium Plated
Emily Silver Beaded Heart Bracelet - D&X Retail

Emily Beaded Heart Bracelet In Silver-Tone

$20.00 USD
3 colors
Rhodium Plated

010. Modern Pearl Necklaces

Modern pearl necklaces for a newfound sense of style

For a long time, pearl necklaces had a stale aftertaste: they were sometimes considered old-fashioned. But that is over! Because modern pearl necklaces unfold all the potential that is hidden in the little treasures of the sea - or of freshwater waters.

Those who opt for pearl necklaces today will impress all along the line with their sense of style and elegance. 

Modern pearl jewellery has immense symbolic power!

If only for the reason that pearls hold some strong symbols, pearl necklaces should not be forgotten as an accessory. Strictly speaking, modern pearl necklaces by D&X London are not just jewellery - they are much more than that. They tell stories and have a multi-faceted symbolism.

Since ancient times, the pearl has been held in high esteem. It stands for luck, beauty, wisdom, wealth and sensuality. We see these as important reasons why every woman should have a beautiful, modern pearl necklace.

The right pearl necklace from D&X for your style

Everyone has an individual style that more or less reflects their own personality. Does a modern pearl necklace still suit everyone? In fact, there are different types of pearl necklaces, so there is the right one for every style.

If you think a classic pearl necklace is too old-fashioned, you can opt for a mix of filigree metal chain and pearl necklace. It also gets exciting with mother-of-pearl crystal necklaces, which combine different style elements to create a multi-layered look.

How are modern pearl necklaces from D&X London made?

Modern pearl necklaces need one thing above all: high-quality pearls. At D&X London, beautiful freshwater pearls are used, which know how to convince with their look and elegance. But pearls alone do not make a necklace. That is why we work with experienced craftsmen for the production.

They realise filigree and unusual designs and work with the highest precision until the final product is created. Not a single step is taken without deliberation. In addition, we rely on a strict quality assurance process - after all, we have a clear idea of what a modern pearl necklace should look like!

Every piece is special - that's how unique modern pearl necklaces from D&X London are

 At D&X London, each piece of jewellery has its own unique character. Passion and absolute dedication are what turn simple raw materials into something wonderful.

When choosing, pay close attention to which piece is most likely to appeal to you. We have the right modern pearl necklace for every taste. It's the perfect way to become a style icon.

 How do I style a modern pearl necklace?

How about a style break? Try wearing a modern pearl necklace with a casual look. The result will amaze you. Because contrary to the assumption that pearl necklaces are only something for classically elegant looks, they can also be worn wonderfully with a T-shirt and jeans.

It is particularly popular to combine modern pearl necklaces with other necklaces. This loosens up the look a bit and looks casually elegant.

What materials are modern pearl necklaces from D&X made of?

 At D&X London, we don't settle for inferior quality. Rather, we rely on premium materials to bring you the absolute best. These include sterling silver and gold, but we also carefully select the pearls.

This is the only way that precise craftsmanship can produce a piece of jewellery that will not only give you pleasure for a long time, but also looks high-quality and chic. By the way: High-quality materials are also more compatible for the skin. So D&X jewellery is also suitable for sensitive skin types!

What makes modern pearl necklaces from D&X so special?

At D&X London, we transform classic elements such as pearls into modern eye-catchers that reflect today's trends. A pearl necklace from D&X has nothing to do with classic and old-fashioned stereotypes, but can visually enhance your look and give it a very special nuance.

Moreover, high quality is close to our hearts. This means that you get an aesthetic piece of jewellery with a long lifespan that allows you to wear it comfortably.

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010. Modern Pearl Necklaces
Audrey Rhodium Silver Fresh Water Pearl Necklace - D&X Retail
Model wearing Audrey Rhodium Silver Fresh Water Pearl Necklace
Audrey Mother of Pearl Classic Necklace Cream & Silver - D&X Retail
Double-Row Mother Of Pearl Necklace - D&X Retail
Alesha Faux Pearl Padlock Pendant Necklace In Silver - D&X Retail

011. Long Necklaces for Women

Long necklaces for women: Not only ideal for layering styles

The layering style is a popular trend that is suitable for various outfits. But a long necklace for women can be styled not only in a double pack: it also looks good on its own.

The important thing is to look for high quality and always keep your own style in mind. At D&X London, you'll find women's long necklaces that suit your taste and meet high standards.

Complete your style with women's long necklaces from D&X!

Jewellery is perfect for completing a look. It has to harmonise with your outfit and suit you and your personality. The choice of long necklaces for women is therefore very individual. To find the right model, you should take a close look at the D&X London range. We carry different styles.

Be it a simple, thin long necklace in gold or silver or an eye-catching, extravagant chain - we are constantly expanding our range with new ideas for fresh looks. Long ladies' necklaces with pendants are also on trend. Maybe even a model with a symbolic birthstone is just right for your claim!

The perfect necklace for every look - long necklaces for women can be styled in so many different ways

Long necklaces for women can be styled in many different ways. Especially the so-called layering look is very trendy. This means that necklaces of different lengths are combined with each other. They complement each other and create a multi-faceted look.

However, you can also wear your long necklace separately. Especially models with pendants can visually enhance plain outfits. But a long ladies' necklace also looks absolutely elegant with a beautiful dress. You can wear the piece of jewellery on a date as well as to the office. Because it can be combined and styled in so many different ways, it will add a few ideas to your jewellery collection.

Step by step to the finished necklace: how jewellery from D&X London is created

At D&X London, we work closely with experienced artisans. Thanks to their relevant experience and extensive expertise, they know exactly what is important in high-quality long necklaces for women.

Every step is carefully considered and no action is taken without thought. Only with the utmost precision and care can long ladies' necklaces be created that are convincing in terms of aesthetics and quality.

What materials do we at D&X London use to make our long womes' necklaces?

D&X London stands for high quality. When it comes to our long necklaces for women, we use the same high-quality materials as for other jewellery. Premium materials such as sterling silver or gold are used in the manufacturing process. These not only look absolutely gorgeous, but also convince with stability and quality.

In addition, high-quality ladies' necklaces are durable, so you can enjoy them for a long time. We use materials that are suitable even for sensitive skin. So there are no nasty surprises like itching or rashes! Choose D&X for comfort and a certain feel-good factor.

Which long womens' necklace is right for me?

Which long necklace for women you choose is up to you. When choosing, always make sure that the model suits your style. If a long ladies' necklace does not suit your personal taste, you will hardly be able to wear it with conviction.

This could be a fancy long necklace with geo-ovals or a necklace with freshwater pearls. If, on the other hand, you find exactly the accessory you have been dreaming of for a long time, it can become your daily companion!

What makes long necklaces for women from D&X London so special?

At D&X London, it is very important to us that you are completely satisfied with your jewellery and feel comfortable with your long necklace for women. That's why we focus on high quality and exceptional designs.

After each piece of jewellery is made, it goes through a quality assurance process. This way it meets our strict requirements and can also complement your style perfectly. Convince yourself of unique long necklaces for every occasion!


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011.  Long Necklaces for Women
Sweetheart Double Heart Pendant Bead Necklace In Gold - D&X Retail
Model wearing Sweetheart Double Heart Pendant Bead Necklace In Gold
Sweetheart Double Heart Pendant Bead Necklace In Silver & Gold - D&X Retail

Sweetheart Double Heart Pendant Bead Necklace In Silver & Gold-Tone

$37.00 USD
3 colors
Rhodium Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Eternal Double Star Pendant Chain-Link Necklace In Gold - D&X Retail
Close-up view of Eternal Double Star Pendant Chain-Link Necklace In Gold
Geo Ovals Long Necklace In Gold - D&X Retail
Model wearing Geo Ovals Long Necklace In Gold

Geo Ovals Long Necklace In Gold-Tone

$39.00 USD
2 colors
Gold-Tone Plated

012. Creoles with Pendant

Create perfect looks with pendant Hoops

A perfect look needs matching jewellery. In addition to necklaces, bracelets and rings, this also includes matching earrings. Currently, hoop earrings with pendants are celebrating a big comeback and are enjoying great popularity.

The mixture of elegance and extravagance makes them a popular accessory that visually enhances every outfit.

What types of hoop earrings with pendants are there?

For many people, hoop earrings are just round. However, at D&X London we also stock fancy models in star shapes or other shapes. There are also big differences in the pendants.

Creoles with heart pendants have a particularly romantic look, creoles with star pendants look playful and creoles with round pendants have a classic and elegant look. There is the right model for every taste!

Your Style and Our Jewellery: Works of Art by D&X London

At D&X London, we see our jewellery not only as aesthetic accessories, but as true works of art that tell a story. Although the focus is first and foremost on the look, our creoles with pendants are also convincing all along the line in terms of quality.

Perhaps you will also find a pair of creoles in our range that comes with a certain symbolic power. We want you to create beautiful moments with our jewellery and to remember them for a long time.

How are hoop earrings with pendants from D&X London created?

The process of creating creoles with pendants from D&X London is not to be neglected. We pay attention to the highest precision and employ longstanding artisans to create unique creations. With the necessary know-how and intuition, a long process results in creoles with pendants that are convincing all along the line in terms of appearance and quality.

In addition, we rely on a strict quality assurance process. This ensures that the creoles with pendants turn out exactly as we imagined them.

What materials are our pendant hoops made of?

In order to meet your individual requirements, we at D&X London only use premium materials. Sterling silver or gold are materials that go hand in hand with a high level of durability and stability.

Furthermore, they are well tolerated, which is especially important for earrings or studs. For the ornaments of our gemstones we use, among other things, high-quality zirconia.

The right hoop earrings with pendants for every Look

Creoles with pendants go with a variety of outfits. It is important that you take enough time to decide. Browse the D&X London range and find jewellery that expresses your personality and enhances your style.

We work to continuously expand our range with exceptional pieces of jewellery. So you can always look forward to fresh ideas and unusual designs.

How do I find matching hoop earrings with pendants?

It is often not so easy to choose the perfect piece of jewellery. Since there are different types of pendant hoops, there are a few things you should consider. Do some soul-searching and decide on hoop earrings with pendants that skilfully emphasise your look.

Your style is as individual as your personality. With the right earrings, which include hoop earrings with pendants, you can bring out the best in any outfit. Convince with your sense of style and create an eye-catcher that enhances the entire outfit.

What makes D&X pendant hoops so special?

Pendant hoops are special accessories in their own right. Since we at D&X London are passionate about offering you jewellery that not only meets your requirements but also creates wonderful moments, we pay particular attention to high quality.

You will enjoy our jewellery for a long time. With D&X London pendant hoops, you can feel good about your look!


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012. Creoles with Pendant
Sweetheart Lever Earrings In Silver And Gold - D&X Retail

Sweetheart Lever Earrings In Silver & Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
3 colors
Rhodium Plated & Gold-Tone Plated
Sweetheart Lever Heart Earrings In Silver - D&X Retail
Sweetheart Lever Earrings In Gold - D&X Retail
Model wearing Sweetheart Lever Earrings In Gold

Sweetheart Lever Earrings In Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
3 colors
Gold-Tone Plated
Eternal Gold Heart Lever Earrings - D&X Retail

Eternal Heart Lever Earrings In Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Gold-Tone Plated

013. Adjustable Rings for Women

Adjustable rings for women: A ring for every size

When ordering a ring, both men and women are very unsure. Especially when it comes to a gift for a loved one, it can prove extremely difficult to find the perfect ring size.

Yet there has long been an optimal solution for this: adjustable rings for women!

Flexible and efficient: adjustable rings for women are the trend!

What are adjustable rings? The name says it all: Adjustable rings have a small gap in them. This allows them to be flexibly adjusted to the wearer's finger.

For example, there are models that allow sizes from 51 to 57. Adjustable rings are the ideal solution for all ladies who do not know exactly which ring fits them. But also men who want to give their sweetheart a gift are always on the right side with them.

What are the distinguishing features of good adjustable rings for women?

Adjustable rings are a real gamechanger for many ladies. You can wear the piece of jewellery not only on one finger, but also on many others. In this way, you create a high degree of flexibility for yourself in terms of how you use your ring.

This is also referred to as one-fits-all rings. In addition, adjustable rings offer women a high degree of comfort. Do you know the feeling when a new ring fits a bit tight and feels uncomfortable? This can happen even if you have bought the right ring size.

After all, fingers can temporarily be a little thicker due to heat, hormones and other influences. An adjustable ring can be flexibly adapted to your current requirements.

D&X London - high quality adjustable rings with a difference

Are comfort and flexibility as important to you as aesthetics and elegance? With adjustable rings for women from D&X London you can prove your sense of style.

We not only make our rings from high-quality materials, but also take care to ensure that they are precisely crafted. The result is jewellery that is a sight to behold!

What does the path to the perfect adjustable ring look like?

In order to be able to produce high-quality jewellery, sophisticated craftsmanship is required. Our artisans have many years of experience and shine with their know-how. Every single step is precisely planned and strictly monitored.

In the course of a thorough quality control, we can ensure that the adjustable rings meet our requirements. All our jewellery is handmade. 

What materials are adjustable rings for women by D&X London made of?

High quality products can only be created from carefully selected materials. That is why we only settle for the best quality. For our adjustable rings for women we rely on premium materials such as gold and sterling silver. This not only gives them a unique look, but also ensures a long life and a high degree of robustness.

Adjustable rings in particular need to be of high quality workmanship, as they are exposed to a very different kind of stress than conventional models. Constantly adjusting the size can take a lot out of the ring.

The right adjustable rings for every woman

The D&X London range is diverse. Therefore, it is not difficult to find the right jewellery for your individual style. If you are looking for adjustable rings, you can choose from a range of options.

Since jewellery can enhance your personality, you should take enough time and do some soul-searching when choosing. This way, you will opt for adjustable rings that suit your individual requirements.

Why are adjustable rings for women from D&X London so exceptional?

Adjustable rings for women are absolutely beneficial anyway. If you choose D&X London, you will benefit from further advantages. Our jewellery pieces are not just jewellery. We think of them as little works of art that complete your look.

Adorn your fingers with D&X London adjustable rings, wear a piece of traditional craftsmanship combined with modern designs. We bring out the best in the materials so you get exactly the piece of jewellery you have in mind.

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013. Adjustable Rings for Women
Cubic Zirconia & Crystal Kylie Gold Ring - D&X Retail

Cubic Zirconia & Crystal Kylie Ring In Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Gold-Tone Plated
Cubic Zirconia & Crystal Kylie Silver Ring - D&X Retail
Model wearing Cubic Zirconia & Crystal Kylie Silver Ring
Cubic Zirconia Kylie Silver Ring - D&X Retail

Cubic Zirconia Kylie Ring In Silver-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Rhodium Plated
Cubic Zirconia Kylie Gold Ring - D&X Retail
Model wearing Cubic Zirconia Kylie Gold Ring

Cubic Zirconia Kylie Ring In Gold-Tone

$20.00 USD
2 colors
Gold-Tone Plated

014. Statement Necklaces Gold

Statement necklaces in gold - a trend that never dies!

Statement necklaces in gold are among the true style classics. They first became very popular in the 2010s. But even now, filigree necklaces are being replaced more and more by eye-catching statement pieces.

The D&X London range has high-quality statement necklaces in gold to complete your look.

Your Style, Our Jewellery: Discover the World of D&X London

D&X London stands for high-quality and aesthetic jewellery that meets high standards. As individual as your style is, as diverse is our range. We are constantly expanding our range with new, fresh designs and unique ideas.

It is close to our heart to offer statement necklaces in gold and other jewellery that suits your taste. Only when you have found the individually perfect jewellery can you use it to emphasise your personal style.

Styles for every occasion: Statement Necklaces in Gold from D&X London make it possible

Every occasion calls for slightly different styling. Are you looking for the perfect look for an extensive stroll through the city? Do you want to dress up for a date? Or do you need a statement necklace in gold for an everyday look?

Jewellery from D&X London can be styled in many ways. Whether you're looking to make the perfect entrance or create beautiful memories, gold statement necklaces are the ideal choice. We see our creations as works of art that harmonise with a variety of styles.

From Raw Metal to Gold Statement Necklaces

Every statement necklace in gold starts small: The origin of high-quality jewellery lies with a piece of raw metal. It is through precision, expertise and true skill that jewellery is created that you can enjoy for a long time.

Our artisans have many years of experience and work with the utmost care on D&X London jewellery. Because every step is well thought out, the end result is exactly the product we envisioned.

To ensure that not only our strict standards are met, but also your requirements, every statement necklace in gold goes through a process of quality management. We make sure that you can be satisfied with your choice!

What makes a good statement necklace in gold?

Statement necklaces in gold don't stay in the background - they are rather eye-catching accessories that come to the fore. That's why it's important to wear a high-quality model that exudes beauty and elegance.

At D&X London, you will not only find aesthetic designs, but also high quality.

Which statement necklace in gold suits me?

Statement necklaces in gold are first and foremost about style. Choose between different types. A statement necklace with large circles in an elegant shade of gold, for example, looks abstract and extravagant.

It goes perfectly with a simple outfit to give it that certain something. A multi-link statement necklace, on the other hand, manages to combine romantic sweet elements with confident elegance. Take your time to decide and choose the gold statement necklace that suits you best!

What material are statement necklaces in gold from D&X-London made of?

We only use selected materials so that we can produce durable, stable and high-quality statement necklaces in gold. Premium materials such as sterling silver or gold guarantee high quality. This means you can enjoy your statement necklace for a particularly long time.

In addition, corresponding materials are considered skin-friendly.The probability of getting skin rashes or discolouration is absolutely low. This makes statement necklaces in gold from D&X London not only the ideal accessory for special occasions, but also an everyday companion.

What is special about gold statement necklaces from D&X London?

Quality, aesthetics and a diverse selection - that's what we at D&X London can offer you. We do everything we can to get the most out of the source material.

We know what matters when it comes to high-quality jewellery - including statement necklaces. Convince yourself of the quality and feel good with your new jewellery!

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014. Statement Necklaces Gold
Iris Multi-Coloured Crystal Short Necklace - D&X Retail
Multi-Coloured Pendant Crystal Short Necklace - D&X Retail
Multi-Coloured Crystal Collar Necklace - D&X Retail

015. High Quality Jewellery

What makes high-quality jewellery?

Are you interested in high-quality jewellery? Don't know exactly where to start? We at D&X London, as your experts for jewellery of outstanding quality, have picked out the most important characteristics. High-quality jewellery is:

  • Durable
  • Robust & stable
  • Colourfast
  • Well tolerated by the skin

Browse through our range and find pieces of jewellery that meet all these criteria!

You should consider these 4 things when buying high-quality jewellery

Buying high-quality jewellery is often easier said than done. We have picked out the 4 most important factors for you to consider when buying jewellery.

1. Buy jewellery that suits you individually.

Only if your jewellery meets your personal requirements can you look forward to wearing it every day. It should match your individual style and reflect what you stand for.

2. Buy jewellery that suits you.

High-quality jewellery must not only appeal to you, but also fit harmoniously into your overall look. Choose necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings etc. that match your look.

3. Buy high-quality jewellery that is guaranteed to be genuine.

High-quality jewellery is only high-quality if it is made from the right materials. Choose D&X London and benefit from outstanding quality. You will enjoy the jewellery for a long time.

4. High-quality jewellery must have a high-quality finish

The best material is useless if the workmanship is poor. At D&X London, we are not satisfied with that. Our craftsmen have many years of experience and proceed step by step with the utmost precision.

What occasion is high-quality jewellery suitable for?

High-quality jewellery belongs in every complete wardrobe. It can not only be worn for festive occasions, but is also the perfect addition to any everyday outfit. You can enhance your look with high-quality jewellery:

  • At the office
  • For a chic dinner
  • On a shopping trip to the city
  • On a romantic date
  • For elegant evening events

As diverse as the possibilities for high-quality jewellery are, its use is just as versatile. And by the way: high-quality jewellery makes a wonderful gift! So if you are still looking for a suitable gift for someone who is very important to you, high-quality jewellery from D&X is the ideal choice!

What is high-quality jewellery made of?

For jewellery to be truly high-quality and stable, it must be made from selected materials. Because only the finest raw materials can be processed into pieces of jewellery that you can enjoy for a long time.
That's why D&X London only uses premium materials. Sterling silver or gold form an excellent basis for high-quality jewellery with a long service life. Decorated with genuine gemstones or precious cubic zirconia, pieces of jewellery become a dream come true.

3 reasons why you should buy high-quality jewellery from D&X London

High-quality jewellery is extremely popular due to its numerous advantages. But why should you order from D&X London of all places? We have picked out our top 3 reasons for you.

1. guaranteed genuine and high quality

When you buy high-quality jewellery from D&X London, you are choosing quality. We employ our best craftsmen to make our products. Special works of art are created with the utmost care. Even though no step is left unthought, every single piece of jewellery undergoes strict quality control. We make sure that you only hold the best D&X London jewellery in your hands. We also use premium materials in our production. This is how we produce high-quality jewellery for high demands!

2. the right jewellery for every taste

As individual as people are, tastes are just as different. What is the ultimate in jewellery for one person is not worth mentioning for someone else. No matter how high-quality the jewellery is - if you don't like it 100%, you won't enjoy wearing it.
That's why we are constantly working to expand our range. You can look forward to a large selection of all kinds of jewellery. We have the right high-quality jewellery for every style.

3. aesthetics and meaning

At D&X London, aesthetics and profound meaning go hand in hand. We want you to feel completely at ease with your high-quality jewellery. And that's why our jewellery isn't just beautiful to look at. Whether it's a piece of birthstone jewellery or a star sign necklace - we make sure you get exactly the jewellery you deserve!

Make your dreams come true with D&X London!

Do you dream of a piece of jewellery that will accompany you through many situations in life? Do you want jewellery that enhances every outfit you wear? Do you want to look forward to putting on your high-quality jewellery every morning? Then D&X London is the right place for you. Discover our extensive selection and browse through our diverse range. If you are looking for high-quality craftsmanship with outstanding aesthetics, you are guaranteed to find it here!

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017. High Quality Zirconia Jewellery

What is zirconia jewellery?


Zirconia is a man-made crystal with a particularly attractive appearance. The look is very similar to a diamond. Zirconia makes every piece of jewellery an extraordinary eye-catcher. Thanks to the high stability of the beautiful ornamental stones, they can be used in a variety of ways. High-quality zirconia jewellery from D&X London is suitable for many occasions.


What is the difference between zirconia and zircon?


While zirconia is produced artificially, zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone. The mineral can take on different colours - it is usually brownish or reddish. In our birthstone collection, you will find matching pieces of jewellery with zirconia for the month of December.


The uniqueness of zirconia: discover high-quality zirconia jewellery to fall in love with


D&X London offers zirconia jewellery of outstanding quality. Discover chic pieces of jewellery and unusual accessories. We create exceptional pieces of jewellery with passion and dedication that will enchant you. Whether as a gift for a loved one or for yourself - D&X caters to every taste.


What is the best way to show off cubic zirconia?


Zirconia is a popular material for giving jewellery that certain something. In a way, it sets the scene for accessories. The following jewellery can be enhanced with zirconia:



Zirconia can also be perfectly combined with other embellishments. How about a brooch with fine cubic zirconia and a pretty pearl? Or are you dreaming of an abstract ring with lots of small cubic zirconia stones? We at D&X London will make your dreams come true.


How do I find the right high-quality zirconia jewellery for me?


If you are looking for high-quality cubic zirconia jewellery, you should take your time and take a close look at the D&X London range. Jewellery should reflect your personal taste and suit you individually. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Does the zirconia jewellery match my personal style?
  • Am I looking forward to holding and wearing this piece of jewellery?
  • Does the jewellery match my taste?
  • What does the piece of jewellery mean to me?


For which occasions is high-quality zirconia jewellery suitable?


High-quality zirconia jewellery is suitable for various occasions and situations. Thanks to its robustness, it is ideal as everyday jewellery. But you can also find the right zirconia jewellery for special occasions. Be it the next birthday party, a chic ball or a romantic date - with high-quality zirconia jewellery from D&X London, you not only round off your outfit, but also skilfully enhance it. We not only ensure brilliant aesthetics, but also create beautiful memories of special moments.


5 reasons why you should shop high-quality cubic zirconia jewellery at D&X London


  • Selected materials: We only use premium materials. For example, zirconia is combined with gold or sterling silver.
  • Precise craftsmanship: At D&X London, only experienced craftsmen make the jewellery. We don't just see them as accessories - they are true works of art!
  • Strict quality control: We set ourselves high standards for our products. That's why every piece of jewellery undergoes a strict quality control process.
  • Jewellery for special moments: Discover jewellery for very special moments at D&X London. Our high-quality cubic zirconia jewellery is perfect for giving as a gift or wearing on special occasions. Wedding jewellery with cubic zirconia is also extremely popular.
  • Great selection: At D&X London, you can choose from a diverse selection. We are also constantly adding fresh designs to our range.


Make your dreams come true with high-quality zirconia jewellery from D&X London


Zirconia stones are considered to be stones with numerous facets. The zirconia jewellery you wear is as individual as you are. Be worth it and adorn yourself with accessories that are as special as you are. The mere sight of zirconia stones will transport you to an unimaginably beautiful dream world. Wear elegance and radiate joie de vivre!


High-quality craftsmanship: zirconia jewellery from D&X London for special moments


Looking for high-quality zirconia jewellery for a special occasion? At D&X London, we are passionate about providing you with the accessories that will make you happy. We are happy to help you create beautiful memories and experience breathtaking moments. Be perfectly styled and adorned with high-quality cubic zirconia jewellery. So every moment becomes something special.

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