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Accessorising for Weddings: The D&X Costume Jewellery Guide

Accessorising for Weddings: The D&X Costume Jewellery Guide

Weddings are a celebration of love, a timeless event filled with emotions, laughter, and a perfect moment to flaunt your fashion finesse. When it comes to dressing for these special occasions, your accessories play a key role in complementing your attire and elevating your look.

Understanding Wedding Accessorising

Significance of Accessories

Accessories are not just elements that add to your outfit; they narrate a story of your personal style. They can transform a simple outfit into an enchanting one, reflecting your personality and making you stand out in the crowd.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Choosing the right accessories is a thoughtful process that takes into consideration the colour scheme, style of your attire, and the theme of the wedding. Striking a balance is crucial as too little may make your look underwhelming, while too much may overshadow your attire.

The D&X Costume Jewellery Guide

Top Picks from D&X Costume Jewellery for Weddings

In this guide, we will take a closer look at some of our exquisite pieces that can add a sparkle to your wedding ensemble.

Pink Mother Of Pearl & Heart Pendant T-bar Bracelet


This beautiful bracelet is a wonderful combination of delicate pink Mother of Pearl and a captivating heart pendant. The T-bar closure adds a trendy touch, making it a remarkable choice for weddings.

How to Style

Pair this charming bracelet with a beautiful pastel gown or saree to enhance your overall look. Remember, less is more. Let the bracelet be the star of your ensemble and avoid overwhelming it with too many other accessories.

Audrey Silver & Pearl Swing Drop Earrings


Embodying elegance, the Audrey Silver & Pearl Swing Drop Earrings are a spectacular addition to any wedding outfit. The perfect blend of silver and pearl presents a classic design with a modern twist.

How to Style

These drop earrings work exceptionally well with an updo hairstyle, letting them swing freely and catch the light. Match them with a silver clutch and a pair of silver heels to complete the look.

Boxed Cubic Zirconia Gold Infinity Jewellery Set


Symbolising eternal love, the Boxed Cubic Zirconia Gold Infinity Jewellery Set is a set of earrings and a necklace that adds an enchanting shine to your wedding attire.

How to Style

This set is perfect for dresses with a deep V or sweetheart neckline. Keep other accessories minimal to let the set shine. Consider a high bun or a low chignon hairstyle to accentuate the earrings.

Mother Of Pearl & Silver Crystal Necklace


This necklace, featuring the soothing Mother of Pearl and dazzling silver crystals, is an absolute show-stopper. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a variety of wedding themes.

How to Style

Pair it with a strapless or off-shoulder dress to draw attention to your neckline. Keep your earrings simple and let the necklace be the focal point of your look.

Multi-Coloured Gem & Crystal Flower Hairslide


Add a dash of colour to your look with the Multi-Coloured Gem & Crystal Flower Hairslide. This statement piece gives you an ethereal charm that's perfect for a wedding.

How to Style

Style your hair in a half updo or a loose braid and secure it with the hairslide. Let the colours shine by pairing it with a neutral or monochrome dress.

Accessorising Tips for Wedding

Remember, the goal is to harmonise your accessories with your outfit. Don't be afraid to experiment, but also remember the principle of balance. After all, accessories are an extension of your personal style and a way to express yourself.


Accessorising for weddings can be exciting and a little daunting, but with the right pieces, like those from D&X, you can create a captivating look that mirrors your personality and style. From the elegance of pearls to the sparkle of crystals, these pieces are perfect to make a memorable style statement.


  1. What should I consider when choosing wedding accessories? Consider the theme, colour scheme of the wedding and your attire, your personal style and the comfort factor while choosing your accessories.

  2. How do I ensure my accessories don't overshadow my outfit? Maintain a balance. If your outfit is elaborate, opt for minimalistic accessories and vice versa. Remember, your accessories should complement your attire, not compete with it.

  3. How do I choose between silver and gold accessories? This largely depends on the colour of your outfit and your personal preference. Generally, gold accessories work well with warm-toned outfits while silver complements cool-toned and neutral colours.

  4. Can I mix different pieces from various sets? Absolutely! Mixing and matching is a great way to express your unique style. Just ensure they harmonise well.

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